Crew Leader

Job Description:  Supervises and participates in the work of a crew performing street maintenance, landscaping, park maintenance, and public facility and infrastructure maintenance and repair.

Managing a small crew by prioritizing projects, assigning work tasks, using equipment, maintaining records, monitoring work quality and work schedules, insuring crew safety, training employees, and providing performance feedback. The Crew Leader participates in performing various landscaping and horticultural functions, building maintenance tasks, and equipment operation. He/She is responsible for procurement of materials, work orders, and record-keeping for each project. Work subjects the employee to inside and outside environmental conditions, extremes in temperatures, and hazards associated with equipment operation including fumes, oils, gases and mists.

Prioritize projects, assign work tasks to crew members, procure required materials, file work orders and maintain written or electronic records of projects.

• Lead crew and participate in performing a wide variety of maintenance tasks such as removing trash, leaves, debris, and snow from facilities and public areas, repairing and maintaining public buildings and facilities, and maintaining public infrastructure.

• Lead crew and participate in performing street and sidewalk maintenance such as installing driveway pipe, patching asphalt or concrete, cleaning streets and storm drains, and related tasks. • Instruct employees in proper work methods and standards; monitor crew work quality; insure adherence to time schedules and safe work practices, provide performance feedback and input into performance reviews. • Perform and lead crew on general maintenance tasks for public recreation areas, play ground equipment, cemeteries, and ball fields. Seed and irrigate ball fields, parks, and other areas; prepare fields for athletic events.

• Lead crew and participate in planting shrubs and flowers, trimming trees and shrubbery, and performing related landscape tasks in parks, medians and at town facilities.

• Operate all equipment necessary to complete assigned tasks such as back hoe, motor grader, tractors, street sweeper, hand tools, and mowing machines.

• Perform equipment repair and maintenance duties.  • Participates in stand-by status during natural disasters or inclement weather.

• Working knowledge of horticultural practices. .

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, coworkers, and the public.

Desirable Education and Experience High school graduation required; Five years relevant experience required with two years in a supervisory capacity preferred. Considerable experience in grounds and/or facility maintenance including equipment operation and trades work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Employment type:  Full time position

Location:  Washtenaw County

Compensation: Competitive Salary + Benefits

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