Tailored Services

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Services tailored to meet your needs.

Heritage Estate Management Services has the knowledge, talent and passion to tend to any service request. From family home to summer home, from condominium to sprawling estate, we can handle it. The vast array of potential services could be as easy as delivering and stacking firewood or making sure the boats are fueled up and supplies are stocked and ready to go when you arrive. HEMS has a reputation for providing consistent, reliable services throughout all of Washtenaw County. Our licensed contractors and team of administrative professionals are committed to maintaining continuous communication with the homeowner. We believe information is knowledge, and knowing that your home is safe and well cared for is priceless. We are a unique company in this industry in that we offer full service, flexible “A La Carte” services. We create a management plan to meet your needs. Gone are the days when it was difficult and problematic to own large properties.  Keep your time yours and rest assured that all of the details will be taken care of with professional, personalized service tailored to each individual client.

Heritage Estate Management Services     When you need things looked after…

Estate Maintenance

The Property Analysis provides data to design ad perform routine, routine as well as preventative maintenance.  Based upon the level of service you desire, our estate managers are able to negotiate contracts for janitorial, security, grounds-keeping, trash removal and other services.  Through use of our long-term relationships with local contractors, we can provide controlled, supervised, well qualified and reasonably priced professionals.

Property Analysis

Our first step is to get familiar with the estate. Estate Management Services provides a thorough and detailed inspection and evaluation of the entire interior and exterior of the property.  With the use of the property analysis, an estimate or budget for current as well as future expenses is developed. This information becomes part of a comprehensive data report which outlines daily activities throughout the estate as well as providing the home owner with a means to see how everything is running.

General Contracting

If you wish to make any type of improvements, such as a new patio, salon, larger garage, or even implement and entirely new decor for your interior, Heritage has qualified, licensed and insured contractors to make any residential building alterations.  We work with you to develop a design, and we orchestrate the project to provide on-site control and supervision all the way through to completion.

Safe & Sound Services

Vacationers, business travelers and owners of second homes can utilize our “Safe and Sound Service.” Heritage offers complete peace of mind.  The minute your home is placed in our Safe and Sound Service program, you can be assured by our level of attention and quality care.  Access to your home is strictly monitored and controlled.  Prices of our services vary dependent on the service level requested.  Services range from collecting the mail to caring for your pets or anything in between.

Special Event Services

Heritage has worked with hosts for all types of gatherings and entertaining functions.  We provide special lighting needs as well as the set-up and break-down.  Valet services are also available.

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