Landscaping Services

Providing the best in landscaping services

Heritage Lawn Care, Inc. believes comprehensive landscape design is paramount in the success of any outdoor living spaces we create. Soil types, site conditions, environmental conditions, and most of all choosing the right plants for the right places all play an important role when designing landscapes with our clients.  We are qualified and pleased to offer any level of landscape management services or landscape installation requested. What makes Heritage Lawn Care unique is the individualized service that is customized for each client. Some of the highlights available include:

  • Premium Landscape plantings are hand picked by our designers, taking into consideration, new cultivars, tried and tested performers, and native options when requested.
  • Correct planting methods and best industry practices are implemented when installing our landscapes.
  • Continued follow up and landscape aftercare is an available service that is critical during the initial growing season. Pruning, deadheading, monitoring of watering conditions are important to make sure your landscape gets off to a good start.

Heritage Horticulture

Lawn Maintenance

Heritage Lawn Care, Inc., provides an array of high quality lawn maintenance services.

We also offer an affordable organic weed control that is comparable to traditional methods.  Our lawn care services are available to both residential or commercial clients each tailored to the individual, unique need of the client.


  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Aeration & Thatching
  • Vacation Maintenance
  • Seeding, Overseeding & Sod



Drainage Solutions

Heritage Lawn Care, Inc. is proud to introduce, sister company, Heritage Hydrologics.


Heritage Hydrologics is proud to be the premier installer for the new revolutionary technology, “EGRP” or Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product, that solves virtually every water problem with guaranteed results. EGRP was developed by Parjan, a Detroit based company. A series of EGRP’s are installed according to engineering specifications to effectively move water back down into the earth where it belongs. The EGRP’s are capable of moving up to 150 gallons of water per hour in all soil types, require no electricity or maintenance and is guaranteed for 50 years. Heritage Hydrologics, L.L.C services are revolutionary game changers in the way we handle difficult water problems and wet basements.




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